Disney's 'Star Wars' Menu Looks Kind Of Gross

We've all dreamed about flying a starship, or wielding a lightsaber, or kicking a droid for no good reason. But one aspect of the Star Wars universe that never seemed particularly appealing was the food. Still, that hasn't stopped Disney from bringing the culinary wonders of Star Wars into the real world for their new theme park attraction Galaxy's Edge. Because nothing ruins immersion like a chili dog and a Diet Pepsi, we guess?

To maintain the illusion that visitors are in a galaxy far, far away, Disney has prepared an in-universe menu which is ... kind of gross-looking. For starters, you can get some iconic blue milk, which is like regular milk, only derived from a different kind of giant horned monster (Banthas). But guests can also order green milk -- the kind angrily guzzled by Luke Skywalker, fresh from the breast of a hideous sea monster. Yay?

David Roark/Disney Parks

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Disney also wants you to chow down on all of the magical creatures you grew up watching. There's a "Ronto wrap," for those who dream of tasting those giant lizard things the Jawas ride, a "Shaak Roast," named after the bulbous Nabooian animals designed to look like a "flea engorged with blood," and "Smoked Kaadu Ribs." For those who don't remember, the Kaadu is a gangly two-legged creature tamed by the Gungans. So now "Give me the racist horse-frog dinner" is a thing you can say in public without looking like a maniac.


David Roark/Disney Parks

Of course, this is all just a bit of fantasty role-playing, and these dishes will be simply made up of disappointing Earth meats. Still, if they hold an Ewok-style smorgasbord, best to err on the side of caution.

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