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5 Totally Bonehead Messages From Leaders During These Times

Historical times, historical incompetence.


Trump Being Forced To Reveal His Tax Returns Is Hardly A Win

Maybe if this happened five years ago it would be a different story.


Uh, Guys, We Need To Figure This School Stuff Out

The entire American education system is already subsisting on the handful of pennies and half a Snickers they found in their pocket.


Trump Giving Friends Millions In Relief Is More Important Than Him Cheating On The SAT

Trump gave his friends and allies millions in relief money. Won't find that in the book.


President Bolsonaro Of Brazil Tests Positive; Still Acts Like A D-Bag

It's poetic justice, but in the most meaningless of ways.


12 Apex Facts To Get You In The Know

Get your interesting facts, here.


'ICE' Deporting Foreign Students Isn't Good For Anyone

Deporting students is literally going to make our country stupider.


Doing Your Laundry Is About To Get More Difficult

Covid-19 is causing us to run out of coins on top of everything else.


Supreme Court Ruling Didn’t Fix Electoral College's Largest Problem: That It Exists

Like most of America, it's origin story is full of racism.


Who Exactly Is Jeffrey Epstein's Friend Ghislaine Maxwell?

The worst person in the world was part of a duo.


Police Social Media Accounts Are Full Of Hate

If you weren't sure how police really feel, this is how they feel.


Cars Hitting Protesters Is Now Too Disgustingly Common

Protesters are not to be treated like NPCs in 'Gran Theft Auto.'